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Owner of Plommon Media

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Who is Olivia?
With several years of experience in helping companies increase their profitability through digital marketing, Olivia has become a sought-after expert in her field.
Olivia began her career as a digital marketer when she was younger, working as a social media manager for several small businesses. She soon discovered that she had a natural aptitude for creating successful digital marketing campaigns, and decided to further develop her skills.
After working for several digital marketing agencies and helping a variety of companies achieve their goals, Olivia decided to start her own business. 
Olivia is known for having a unique ability to combine various digital marketing techniques in a way that provides maximum return on investment for her clients. She has helped companies in a variety of industries, from small start-ups to large multinationals, achieve their business goals through strategic digital marketing.
As a Digital Business Developer, she works to take companies to the next level by finding new revenue streams and business opportunities, especially with the help of the LinkedIn platform. Her experience as both a marketer and business developer gives her a unique ability to help companies grow and develop in a strategic way. Today shares  Olivia brings her knowledge and experience with her by lecturing and training companies. 

Her ability to combine different digital marketing techniques in a strategic way has helped many companies achieve their goals and increase their profitability.



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